Hydraulic Grinding Mill Inching Drive


Hydraulic Grinding Mill Inching Drive Mechanically connects to the non-drive end of the primary pinion

A flanged hub on the output shaft of the reduction unit slides over to bolt to the existing hub on the pinion shaft.

The drive package consists of a 3 phase hydraulic power unit, all necessary control valves and the final reduction unit complete with a fail-safe brake.

The package includes an infinitely variable forward and reverse manual control hydraulic valve located at the drive.

When the control is placed in neutral the fail-safe spring brake locks the drive.

The brake is rated for the maximum output torque with a 2:1 safety factor.

Includes a mounting plate to attach to the bearing pedestal, gusseted planetary mounting plate and two wide flange extensions to support the power unit and cat walk.

Units come with all hose fittings, adapters, hydraulic oil, and are painted and tested prior to shipping.

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