Triple Start Spiral Concentrators


Triple Start Spiral Concentrators

- Effective and low-cost solution for gravity separation

- 24 units available

- "Triple start” type

- They accept up to 3 different streams of feed

- Includes distributors and launders

Newer LD7  Style of Spiral Concentrators which involves the 
following features: -Improved tramp oversize handling
-Enhanced reject carrying capacity
-Calibrated auxiliary reject slide splitter at the end of turn 2
-Decreased height for easy retrofits
-Replaceable cast polyurethane feed box insert for extended
product life
-Highly wear resistant polyurethane on all operating surfaces
-Splitter position indicators to enable reproducible location of product
Splitters and consistency of settings across a bank of spiral separators Capacity: -Up to 4.0 t/h per start (optimal separation 1.5 – 2.5 t/h) Pulp Density: -20 – 40% solids, typically 30 – 35% solids Size Range: -0.1 – 1.5mm (ideally 0.2 – 1.0mm) Pulp Volume: -Optimal performance 6.0 – 8.0 m³/hr
(with capacity up to 10.0 m³/hr) Allows for the following application:
-Processing of fine raw coal
-Flotation or wash water cyclone tailings coal
-Deslimed tailings dam fine coal recovery
-Separation of pumice and sand


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