New Denver style DR flotation cells


- Made in North America 

- Interchangeable with original Denver DR flotation cells

– Rubber lined cells. Coated standpipes. Rubber lined overflow launders, feed, union and discharge boxes

- Unlined cells available for reduced cost and delivery time 

– Dart valves ready to automate (flotation level control systems available and quoted separately)

– Draft tubes

– Belt guards

– Motors and blowers quoted separately

- Please specify your desired number of cells per bank, number of banks of cells, and desired number of feed and discharge boxes

- All common Denver DR styles and sizes available, inquire if not advertised below.

Sizes available with SKU numbers:

  Model Number   Vol (ft3)   Vol (m3)   SKU
  DR15   12 cu ft cells   0.34 cu m   FC1258a
  DR18   25 cu ft cells    0.7 cu m   FC1258b
  DR24   50 cu ft cells   1.4 cu m   FC1258c
  DR30   100 cu ft cells    2.8 cu m   FC1258d
  DR160   160 cu ft cells   4.5 cu m   FC1258e
  DR180   180 cu ft cells   5.1 cu m   FC1258f
  DR180 bare cell   180 cu ft cells   5.1 cu m   FC1258g
  DR300   300 cu ft cells    8.5 cu m   FC1258h
  DR500   500 cu ft cells   14.2 cu m   FC1258i


Please note Sub-A cells are listed separately

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