About Us

Keith D’Angelo, Owner

I have more than 35 years experience within the mining Industry. I have a deep respect for the people in this Industry where by and large I have found a group of men and women who value simplicity, dependability, honesty, and friendship.

Do what you say you are going to do and live by the Golden Rule have been my guiding business principles.

I am a third generation mining professional, and I have worked in this field since 1978. I have acquired a diverse background in the industry, including mineral exploration services, public company finance and administration, international equipment sales, equipment design, and fabrication.

I have a passion for the outdoors and the Earth’s wild places. I value sustainable mining and promote an industry-wide respect for nature and the Earth’s natural resources. My principle role in our company is to lead with vision and collaboration through active partnerships and personal friendships within all of the Americas, the United Kingdom, Middle East, Japan, Philippines, and Africa.

I have gained extensive experience dismantling mineral processing plants and relocating and repurposing equipment world wide. I am member of the Society of Mining Engineers and studied engineering technology at the University of British Columbia and Western Washington University.

Born in Princeton, British Columbia, my grandfather was a coal miner and tunnel contractor. My father worked at Copper Mountain Mine, was an active prospector and owner of Pacific NW Geotech Services, and served as president of two publicly traded mineral exploration companies.

Roberta D’Angelo, Finance

I lead our financial team I can direct your inquiry regarding invoices, purchase orders and payments. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Manchester College, Indiana. I worked as an accountant and passed the CPA exam in Indiana, then moved west, working in Telluride Colorado, Santa Fe New Mexico, Chiapas Mexico, Cozumel Mexico, and now Washington State. My current role is Finance Director for D’Angelo International, where I manage equipment investments, accounting, inflows and expenses, and administration of D’Angelo International and its associated companies.

Our financial and Legal team includes contract services from:
Larson Gross Accounting
Brownlie Evans Wolf Corporate Law
Chase Bank
First Federal
Banner Bank


Heidi Cohn, Finance


I am the newest member of our team and have learned a lot about the mining industry over the past few years. I love working for a company that is concerned about the environment and still has heart in this very competitive world. I handle the bookkeeping and can assist you with your accounts payable or receivable questions.





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