1500 ft3/hr Unused Shotcrete Plant


Unused Shotcrete Batch Plant for Pre-Mixed Concrete Designed to be operated continuously 24/7/365

The shotcrete system will receive a dry, premixed shotcrete blend via tanker truck.

The truck will deposit shotcrete to the loading screw conveyor via a drive overloading arrangement.

The loading screw conveyor will transfer the premixed shotcrete blend to the silo via the bucket elevator The silo will store the premixed shotcrete blend and discharge to the discharge screw feeder.

The variable flow discharge screw feeder, controlled by utilizing load cells, will convey the dry shotcrete blend to the mixing screw

The mixing screw will mix the dry shotcrete, water, and super plasticizer (if required) until a homogeneous mixture is achieved

The fiber feeder will be loaded manually with 10 lb Polyfiber bags.

Employing a conveyor, the Polyfiber bags will be unloaded into a top mounted hopper which reports to the fiber shredder.

The fiber shredder discharges to a blower through an anti-static flexible fill pipe to the discharge of the mixing screw and subsequently into the transmixer below.

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