1,600 TPD Gold Plant


Crushing Circuit

- 150 t/h throughput

- Crushing plant fed by front end loader from ROM stockpile

- Primary jaw crusher - Feed 700 mm max lump size

- Product 80 mm max lump size

- Jaw crusher product is conveyed to the sizing screen sizing at 25 mm

- Oversize from the screen is conveyed to the secondary crusher

- Secondary cone crusher

- Feed 80 mm max - Product 25 mm max 

- Cone crusher product is conveyed to the sizing screen

- Crushing plant product, undersize from the sizing screen, is conveyed to the 1,500 ton capacity fine ore bin

Grinding & Gravity Gold Recovery

- 75 t/h throughput

- 9 to 12 g/t head grade

- Operating 24 hrs per day

- Gravity gold recovery 75%


High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) x 1

- Ore moves from the fine ore bin to the HPGR and is crushed to minus 4mm to liberate coarse gold particles to maximize gravity recovery

- HPGR product is mixed with water and fed onto a 4mm aperture screen. Oversize is returned to the HPGR

- Screen feed box equipped with gold trap for any large nuggets


Gravity circuit

- The ore/water slurry from the screen undersize is pumped to in-line pressure jigs (x 3). Jigs use vertically pulsating water to separate the heavy particles from the lighter crushed rock. Heavy particles are collected to form a concentrate which flows from the jigs to the spinners for further concentration. The spinners further concentrate gold particles which are pumped to the gold room for further upgrading

- The jig tails are screened at 2mm and undersize fed to a Falcon Concentrator. The concentrate is pumped to the gold room for further upgrading


Ball Mill

- The ball mill grinds the ore finer to liberate remaining gold

- Ball mill product is returned to the start of the gravity circuit


Flotation (75 tph

- SOLD, no longer available

- We can supply economical replacements) Carbon in Leach (CIL)

- 3.4 tph

- The CIL circuit is a series of 7 agitated tanks

- The flotation concentrate is fed to the first tank with sodium cyanide and lime slurry. Oxygen is injected separately into each of the tanks.

- Activated carbon is also added to each tank. Gold concentration on the carbon will reach 1,500 g/t gold

- 0.5 ton  per day of activated carbon is removed from the first CIL tank and taken to the elution plant where the gold is removed  and electroplated onto steel wool

- The carbon is then re-activated and returned to the last tank in the CIL circuit. Carbon is sequentially moved up to the first tank


Cyanide Detoxification

- The CIL tailings stream flows to an agitated tank where the cyanide is destroyed

- Detoxified tailings stream is pumped to an HDPE lined storage facility. Water draining from the tailings is returned to the CIL circuit


Gold Room

- Gold production up to 200,000 ounces per annum

- Concentrate from the gravity plant is upgraded by a small gravity circuit using a jig, centrifugal spinner and concentrating tables and smelted in an LPG fired furnace with fluxing chemicals

- Tailings from the gold room gravity circuit are fed to an intensive cyanide leach reactor (ILR) where the gold is dissolved and then electroplated onto steel wool

- The gold electroplated onto steel wool from both the ILR and CIL is removed and also smelted in the furnace



- Total gold recovery 95 %

- Crushing areas have dust extraction and collection systems to remove dust from the atmosphere

- Gas emissions from the gold room and carbon reactivation kiln are passed through scrubbers

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